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How to have a beautiful basement

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Have the Perfect Basement

At I strive to be your one stop shop when it comes to all things Basement design. There's lots to know when it comes to designing your basement. Simply doing a search for basement pictures won’t cut it.

Photos are great for getting ideas, and deciding on finishes or looks. However, pictures won’t help when it comes to the actual layout of the space.

How do you make your ideas work within the confines of your available space? 

This is something YOU need to know - even more so if you’re hiring a contractor. Many contractors don't finish a lot of basements. Chances are they'll be looking to you for design cues.

Thoroughly planning the basement's layout prior to any work being done can save you from making costly mistakes - both in time and money. For starters, just imagine your disgust at erecting a wall only to find out that after it was constructed—you didn’t like it.  Know too, that these kind of mistakes can pile up from not doing the necessary planning, or having the experience to do the necessary planning. Why not make it easy on yourself and get some expert help?  I'm happy to lend a hand.

To help you create the perfect space I am offering a few different options:

On Your Own Web with consult Design My Space
Long Distance
Design My Space
In Person
Purchase Home Designer Essentials

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Purchase Home Designer Essentials

Help via phone, email and online with meeting software. 

Billed at the rate of $75.00/hr. in 10 minute increments. Minimum charge $20.00
You send me pictures and an overall layout of your space. Tell me what you’d like.

I’ll create a floor plan for you in the same style as what’s in our Floor Plans  database. We’ll have an online meeting where I’ll walk you through the space. One round of changes included. You’ll receive all the variations of the plan I create. You’ll be able to print these out and view them in the 3D viewer at any time. Use this option if you’re outside my 4 hour radius.

Rate: $300.00 Up to 1300 sq. ft of finished floor space.
If you live within a 4 hour radius of my office in Aurora, IL, I’d be happy to come out and create a design for you.

Here are the rates:
Within 1 - 2 hour radius. $500.00
Within 2 - 3 hour radius. $600.00
Within 3 - 4 hour radius. $700.00

See the map above.
Clicking this link will add the
Home Designer Essentials
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Clicking this link will add the
Home Designer Essentials
to your shopping cart.
Clicking this link will add this product to your shopping cart. If your finished space is over 1300 sq. ft. I'll let you know before proceeding. Clicking this link will add the 1 hour radius price to your shopping cart. When we arrange the meeting, I will let you know of any add’l fee, if applicable.