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How to have a beautiful basement

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This database consists of 431 basement floor plans.
My intention with this page is to give you ideas as to possible layouts, either as an entire space if it so happens to match what you have and what you're looking for, or perhaps elements of a certain plan that strikes your fancy. Once you've seen a few of the floor plans presented, perform you own search for plans that more closely resemble your foundation's footprint. Click on the displayed thumbnails to access fullsize 2D and 3D PDFs for ideas you can use. With the Chief Architect Viewer installed on your computer (PC only) you can additionally download the actual files I created and create your own 3D views.  Enjoy!

1030 square feet

795 square feet

1560 square feet

910 square feet

1510 square feet

1085 square feet

835 square feet

895 square feet

1050 square feet

915 square feet