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How to have a beautiful basement

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Basement Ideas CD

Basement Ideas CD


Basement Ideas CD

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What Do I Need to Know to Have a Beautiful Basement?

Are you faced with a dark, unfinished space that you want to become something you can actually enjoy? Don't know where to start? I can help you. I've designed over 1300 basements and I know the problems you face.

At the bottom of this page there's a couple of short trailers I made which'll give you a flavor of the CD and explain it's contents in much more detail.

"Basement Ideas: Exploring the Underground Frontier" was not created as a how to publication. It's intended to get your creative mind flowing with ideas. My thought process in creating this publication and each of the variants (Create a Beautiful Basement DVD and the Basement Ideas Book - printed version) is one of "Here, take a look at what we've done and see how you can apply these ideas to your space."

This is a hard copy of the PDF download.

Through photos and examples you'll soon be brimming with ideas.

There are 82 pages broken down into sixteen chapters - listed below, and some links to other resources after the final chapter.

  • Introduction

  • Planning

  • Design Study

  • Bars, Gaming and Entertainment

  • Store Your Stuff

  • Windows

  • Lighting

  • Stairways

  • Ceilings

  • Bedrooms

  • Home Office

  • Home Fitness

  • Bathrooms

  • Kiddie Stuff

  • Posts and Kneewalls

  • Points to Ponder

Also included on the disc is...

Basement Explorer

Basement Explorer is a software program I had created. It's basically a picture viewer of sorts.

There are 30 basements featured. All the basements have been professionally photographed. You'll see just how good a basement can be.

Here's how it's layed out:

  • Several photographs of each basement.

  • A 2D image of the plan file.

  • 3D tours of many of the basements.

  • My own personal notes on each basement project.

  • The actual floorplan I created which you'll be able to open if you have the Chief Architect Home Designer Software.

This is the third generation of "Basement Ideas." Along the way there's been a lot of positive feedback. Here's what a few folks had to say.

"Basement Ideas...What a Great Concept! Buying this book was one of the best values during my whole basement project.

Here in one place are all the questions, ideas and tips that one can use when planning their basement remodel. Reading through it made me ponder things I did not consider, i.e. concealing doorways, changing ductwork, window framing alternatives, alternate lighting ideas, creative framing for certain basement areas, basement bars and kitchens, and more.

Plus, I found the pictures very useful in planning the final look of my basement. I looked at many sources but in the end, it was Basement Ideas that gave me the ideas I needed and used.
Specific items that helped me were Dave's discussion of using drywall for the ceiling, entertainment wiring ideas, stairway finishes, bar spaces, and protecting my investment. His discussion and tips were always well explained and logical.

I finally complete my basement project this past spring and I am glad that I used Basement Ideas for my project.
It has saved me time, money, and provided me with the information and ideas I needed for a great basement!

-Kristi Misic
Sycamore, Illinois

"I am putting the finishing touches on my basement remodel job that was inspired by your publication. Once my wife and I decided to jump in and tackle the job, we looked for many sources of information as we could find. Your book helped us turn our thoughts and ideas into reality. Thank you for the help. I've included a few photos for your review"

-G. Scott Murray
Buffalo, New York

"This is a great reference guide - very nicely done. My husband is pretty handy, but gets somewhat stalled in the "planning" stages of a large project. Yet is finding your guide very helpful.
Thanks for the follow-up and thanks for sharing your experience and skill!"

-Bridget H.
Souderton, Pennsylvania

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