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How to have a beautiful basement

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Pre-release DVD: Create a Beautiful Basement

Pre-release DVD: Create a Beautiful Basement


Create a Beautiful Basement DVD

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Please watch this short video trailer for Create a Beautiful Basement.

Turn your dungeon into a castle

I spent 3 years working hard to bring the concepts of great basement remodeling to life in a 90-minute DVD.

Please watch the short trailer as well as a 10 minute preview (at the bottom of this page)  which'll give you a flavor of what the program is like and some of the contents.

There were several 3 week periods where I was up to 2 am 5 nights in a row working with my producer putting this puzzle together. We took a light hearted approach to the project and had lots of fun creating it. It's truly been a labor of love. Hopefully that'll come through for you when you watch it. My favorite parts of the video are the short black and white comic relief clips peppered throughout.

There's definitely a flavor of HGTV.

Now that this project is complete you may purchase a hard copy on DVD.

"Create a Beautiful Basement" is packed with useful information on how to best approach your basement remodeling project. There are nine chapters:

  • Introduction & Planning

  • Measuring & Design - Preparation

  • Framing, Stairs & Bedrooms

  • Bathrooms & Plumbing

  • Lighting & Electrical

  • Insulation, Drywall & Ceilings

  • Flooring

  • Trim, Paint, Cabinets & Fixtures

  • Final Thoughts

Here's what the initial reviewers had to say. These are people who came to the site and got a copy of the DVD and gave us early feedback. They are homeowners looking to do something with their basements - just like you.

"If you are looking for information and ideas for your basement this is a must have video. It is a great starting point whether you are looking to do it yourself or hire a contractor."

Richard Osterland
Englewood, Oh

"I would highly recommend purchasing Basement Ideas because it provides solutions for every project without over complicating the process of finishing your basement. The start to finish examples really help you imagine what you can do in your own space."

Lynn & Zac Pollack
Bollingbrook, Illinois

"This video is a must see for anyone who is thinking of remodeling their basement. The information inside is thought provoking. It will save you alot of regrets and money when you decide you want to change something or wish you would have done something differently."

Paula Maus
Bay City, Michigan

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Please note: This product plays in a standard NTSC (US) DVD player.

Price: $19.95