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How to have a beautiful basement

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How to Get Your Items Down Into Your Basement

Moving big items down the stairs and into the basement can be potentially troublesome. In fact some items may not make it all. The ease or difficulty of bringing full article

How to Select the Best Flooring for Your Basement

Selecting a basement floor can be an overwhelming part of your basement finishing project. Many different materials are available - carpet, tile, laminate, engineered wood and others. Here are some important points to keep in mind when making full article

How to Use Color to Create a Great Basement

Color is a function of light as defined by a physicist. The current accepted theory is energy from the sun consists of a series of separate energy packets traveling as continuous electromagnetic waves. These electromagnetic full article

A few words on Basement Building Permits

Chances are you will be required to obtain a building permit to finish your basement. I have obtained many building permits in many municipalities and know first hand the process can full article

Working with Chief Architect Home Design products

If you have never used any kind of CAD software before, then you’re in for a treat. Chief Architect: Home Designer Essentials is an excellent tool to use for basement design.
You should know however, that this product will...
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Door swings

If you’re a newbie to remodeling and always wanted to know how to tell if the swing of a door is left-handed or right-handed - here’s an easy way to do it...  read full article

Thoughts on Paperless Drywall

Honestly, I could have changed the title of this report to: "Paperless full article

Basement Ideas File Download

Download this software. (PDF)

This is the PDF download of the Basement Ideas file that I've sold over 20,000 copies of. It's available for you to download FREE for a VERY limited time.
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PaintFinder Download

Download this software. (PC only)

Here's help in finding the perect paint. Here's the common complaint: "I loved the color when I saw it in the store, but hated it once...
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Soundproofing Your Basement

Many of my basement prospects question the necessity for soundproofing the basement during my visits to their home.  The most common worries are about noises going down - “that hardwood floor up above – you can hear every step!”... read full article

Basement Bathrooms Move em or Lose em

Bathrooms are components to many a basement that I finish.  It used to be, many years ago, when I first started finishing basements that bathrooms were a rarity. Nowadays as basements are looked upon as...
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Types of Gym Flooring

For most home as well as commercial gyms, rubber provides the widest range of benefits for use as a gym floor. Rubber has a full article

Bamboo Flooring

So, I have been asked by Basement Dave, my home remodeling comrade, to write an article on bamboo and cork flooring. Being a flooring professional, and by nature a very helpful person...
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How to Cut Down a Door

When finishing a basement requires you to shorten one door or several doors, follow this procedure and keep these other guidelines in mind for a successful and aesthetic application... read full article

Chief Architect Home Designer Software Tricks

The Basement Ideas book and CD products each contain a lot of information devoted to the subject of designing a living space in your basement. Here are some full article

The Estimate Worksheet

Download this software. (PDF)

I have created a worksheet called the "Estimate Worksheet." You can download it as a PDF. Using information from the plan you designed with the Chief Architect software this worksheet will help you...
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Materials Calculation

Using the information from the Estimate Worksheet here’s how to figure some of your materials. 
Number of wood studs for walls: Add up from the estimate worksheet, the linear wall lengths in the following columns:...
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Home Depot Order Guide

Download this software.  (PDF)

At present there are 261 UPC's of various items I consistently use in my basement projects. This'll save you tons of time at the store as you can send your order over and have them set it up for you. And not only that, they'll love you for it...
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A basement fireplace is really nice to have. Pleasant to look at they make your space warm and inviting. Here are a few thoughts to take into consideration if want full article

The Sewer Line

I received a very good suggestion from a Basement Ideas patron in response to a survey. As this is something I would never have thought of to write about otherwise, I thought I'd address it now. It's very simple, full article